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Our achievements in Brussels

Over the past few years, we have been working very hard to build a city for people. Brussels for people. It was not always easy, but we are convinced that - with a lot of pushing and pulling - we managed to start a fundamental change in Brussels. One that cannot be reversed.


Beautiful squares and parks

Our parks and squares are the Brusselers’ gardens and living rooms. Places to unwind, meet people, practice sports and play. In recent years, we have been transforming the city by turning car-friendly areas into lively parks and neighbourhood squares. And the best is yet to come, as there are still many projects in the pipeline!

  • The abandoned "Tour and Taxis" railway site is now a lively park
  • A beautiful park at Porte de Ninove
  • Beco park along the canal
  • Place Marsupilami in Laeken
  • Place Fernand Cocq in Ixelles
  • Place Flagey in Ixelles
  • Place Jef Mennekens in Molenbeek
  • Place du Miroir in Jette
  • Place Cardinal Mercier in Jette
  • Pedestrian area in the centre

City for all ages

Taking care of everyone means creating places for all ages. That means providing housing and care for our elderly to grow old with dignity, and providing enough party places where our young people .... can enjoy being young!
  • Brusselers enjoy their old age at Koekelberg's residential care centre Jourdan Village
  • CuBe, a place where young people play sports, make music, party...
  • Nightlife with Fuse and other nightclubs
  • Youth clubs

Places to grow (and open up)

Every child deserves a place in the nursery and in the classroom. We have been working very hard on new schools and nurseries, on high-quality, sustainable infrastructure to give the youngest Brusselers every opportunity to grow and develop freely and safely.

  • Primary school Sint-Joost-aan-Zee in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
  • Primary school De Zennestraal in the pentagon area, with room for 240 young Brusselers
  • Nursery Madeliefje
  • Nursery Joost-e-Fien in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
  • Nursery Het huis van het Kind in Anderlecht

Getting around the city quickly and safely

Fast and affordable public transport is invaluable. It is the only way to convince people to leave their cars aside. That is why we created new tram and  bus lines, bought comfortable new metro and tram carriages and made the transition to electric buses. And the construction of kilometres of separate cycle lanes encouraged huge numbers of Brusselers to hop on their bikes.

  • Separate cycle paths along the small ring
  • Cycling safely at Chaussée de Vilvorde
  • Cycle paths at Avenue Roosevelt