Waar we voor strijden - Vooruit.brussels

What we fight for

Brussels belongs to and is for everyone. 

In recent years, we gave the city back to its inhabitants by creating pedestrian zones, safe cycle lanes and new beautiful squares and parks. The turnaround has begun, and we will continue it. But how do we continue to ensure that the city belongs to everyone ? We not only have to make sure that everyone enjoys living in Brussels, but also that it remains affordable! 

brussel-iedereen vooruit

Everyone forward

A Brussels where everyone moves forwards, that is what we fight for. Everyone: young and large families, singles and the elderly, those in need of care, two-income couples... Vooruit.brussels wants to guarantee the purchasing power of all Brusselers and ensure affordable housing.   

Good nurseries and schools for our children, quality jobs for all and affordable healthcare. That is what counts and to achieve it, better cooperation between all levels of government and local, efficient services are needed. So fewer structures and fewer politicians.

What if living in Brussels were affordable for everyone?

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Brussels, your home

Brussels should be a safe city for everyone, a city where you can walk the streets at ease. Where we respect each other and where everyone has the freedom to fully be themselves.

Brussel heeft al vele leuke plekken en pleinen, maar om er echt een propere, leefbare stad van te maken is er meer nodig. Dan gaat het over oplossingen voor thuislozen, de aanpak van de drugsproblematiek en een betere bescherming tegen de gevolgen van de klimaatopwarming.

Wil je ook zo graag in een proper Brussel wonen?

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Brussels is buzzing

Brussels is more and more synonymous with a non-conformist city with a lot of buzz and movement - art galleries are arising, artists find inspiration, and you can eat great food, laugh and dance.  

Vooruit.brussels wants to create an environment where our capital city’s potential and the talents of all Brusselers will develop. Where there is room for initiative and where entrepreneurs receive the support they need. A city full of life.