Omdat we willen dat het vooruit gaat in Brussel -

Because we want things to move forward in Brussels

We have already achieved a lot in Brussels. But there is still a lot to do. Affordable housing, our children's education and future, cleanliness in Brussels.

We want Brussels to move forward. Deeds, not words. Together. Everyone forward.

What’s in a name?

From now on, we will go through life as The name says it all. Indeed, “vooruit” is Dutch for “forward”. We, Dutch-speaking socialists, push Brussels forward. Thanks to us, Brussels has changed. We do not only dare. We also do. We have already achieved a lot. But the work is not yet over.

To continue it, we need to be in charge. By winning the elections.

In 2019, we went to the voters with a broad urban movement. An open movement embodied by Meanwhile, circumstances have changed.

A very different dynamic has emerged at the national level. Sp.a has been transformed into the socialist movement Vooruit. A movement open to input from people from outside. Which is how we have always done with the urban movement

The new name and logo of match the national Vooruit logo, but adds the .brussels extension and its own look and feel. This emphasises the specific metropolitan interpretation of Brussels’ Dutch-speaking socialists.