1. Hannelore Goeman

39 | 

If you want to get ahead in life, you have to work hard and do your best in school. That's what I learned from my parents. They have always encouraged me to keep learning, from studying history at KULeuven, to a master’s degree in European policy at Cambridge University, to my PhD on integration policy at VUB. I’m incredibly grateful to them for that. Now, I want to fight to give other children the opportunities I have always had. 

My political career started at Animo (today Young Socialists) as a national board member. Hannelore has been committed to Brussels for years. First as a Brussels member of parliament, then as a Flemish member of parliament and today as the group leader for Vooruit in the Flemish parliament. Her focus is - not surprisingly - mainly on the topic of education.


"I believe in the power of education. It is the driving force of progress. That's why I fight for strong, affordable education that gives every child a fair chance to become the best version of themselves." 

Every child deserves a fair chance at a good and happy life. Whoever you are, whatever your parents earn and whether you are good with your head or your hands: every talent counts. That is why I fight for strong education, with a strong teacher in the classroom and a free healthy meal at school. To give every child a real chance for a good start in life.