2. Pascal Smet

56 | 
Ville de Bruxelles

Pascal has been representing the interests of Brussels residents for years: as a municipal councillor, Brussels minister and member of parliament.    

"Brussels needs more decisiveness. Integrity and vision. Over the past 20 years, I've mainly worked on public space, for example on safe cycling. But there is so much more to do to achieve the most liveable city in Europe."  

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International and local 

Brussels is much more than a city of commuters, or tourists. Brussels is a real city where people live, work and go out. International and local at the same time. Perfectly imperfect. Brussels is the showcase for Belgium. But Brussels needs a new pact that brings out its full potential. Perfectly imperfect. Brussel is hét uithangbord voor België. Maar dat Brussel heeft een nieuw pact nodig dat alle mogelijkheden van Brussel ten volle uitspeelt. 

Pact for Brussels 

Brussels needs fewer structures, fewer politicians, but above all more ambition and decisiveness. Fewer structures so that we know who exactly is responsible for what, so that problems are tackled more efficiently and governance becomes cheaper. 1 city, 1 CPAS and 1 police zone for more solidarity and equal treatment between the inhabitants of Brussels.  And finally, more decisiveness, because everything takes too long and problems drag on for too long.