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Ans Persoons

Many Brusselers keep this city in motion every day, in many ways and far from the spotlight. But what they do is essential to Brussels’ urban fabric. As politicians it is our job to make sure that Brussels embraces them: that everyone has access to affordable, decent housing and earns enough to live carefree, in a safe city that gets the best out of people and helps them get their lives back on track when they are going through a rough patch.


Ans Persoons has been alderwoman in the City of Brussels for 10 years. Under Mayor Philippe Close, she was in charge of Urbanism, Public Space and Dutch-language Education.

Ans was elected in 2018 with her own political project: This movement later merged into
Since June 2023, Ans is working as State Secretary in the Brussels Government. She succeeded Pascal Smet and is now continuing on a larger scale what she loves and is good at: building the city of tomorrow.

Ans was born in Antwerp (°1979). She studied history in Ghent (UGent) and Political Sciences in Paris (Sciences Po Paris). She has been living in Brussels for 20 years now.

After 10 years in the pentagon area, Ans moved to Laeken a few years ago. Her partner is a Briton and together they have two daughters. Frances (°2014) & Robyn (°2017).

What if living in Brussels were affordable for everyone?

Renting and buying is far too expensive in Brussels. Too many people sleep on the streets or cannot find decent housing. Even those professionals who make Brussels run, like teachers, nurses, catering workers, ... are being pushed out of the city. We think that everyone who wants to live in Brussels should be able to, in an affordable way. We want to tackle this together. 

Read our proposals here.

What makes you happy?

Days when anything goes.
My children when they make each other laugh.
Cycling through Tour & Taxis park on a sunny day and seeing Brussels at its best: birthday parties with flags among the trees, couples in love secretly meeting on a bench, people playing music together and passers-by spontaneously starting to dance, circus athletes balancing on a tightrope, girls playing football, children playing freely. All together in one park.

Your dearest possession?

Everything of value is fragile. I love my daughters to death but I don't own them: parenthood is one big lesson in letting go.


Our people

Dirk Lagast

President of the CPAS Council in Koekelberg