Saliha Raïss -

Saliha Raïss

I am committed to affordable housing. Access to affordable and quality housing is a matter of social justice. It ensures that people with different income levels have equal opportunities to live in dignified conditions, regardless of their financial capabilities.

In addition, I see education as the greatest launch platform for opportunities. By promoting inclusive education, where diversity is embraced and appropriate support is provided to all students, we contribute to a society where everyone can flourish and reach their full potential.


Saliha Raiss has been living in the Maritime quarter in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean all her life and has been active in the local section there for 12 years now. She studied political science at VUB.

Until September 2023, Saliha worked at the group in the Brussels Parliament. Since 2018 she is a municipal councillor in Molenbeek. Before that, she worked as head of cabinet for vice-president of the Brussels parliament, Fouad Ahidar and as cabinet member for Johan Vande Lanotte.


Saliha is specialist in housing and is a director at Le Logement Molenbeekois. She is also a member of the STIB board of directors. Saliha is known as a bridge-builder between different cultures and communities and is committed to women's empowerment.

Go RWDM Girls!

Saliha was born and raised in Molenbeek and knows the municipality inside out. She has been organising a job fair for young people for years and also puts her heart and soul into the RWDM Girls football club. Today, she is alderwoman in Molenbeek for Dutch-language Education, Public Works, Municipal Property and Childcare.

What makes you happy?

Quality time with family and friends

Your dearest possession?

Family, friends, colleagues


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