Anaïs Maes -

Anaïs Maes

Ensuring that every person gets equal opportunities is achieved through education. I strongly believe that Dutch-language education in Brussels should be the launch platform for our young people. More generally, I want to help build a city where everyone can reach their full potential, a city for people.


Anaïs was born and raised in Brussels, as daughter of a Dutch-speaking father and a French-speaking mother. Professionally, she already explored several paths. Between 2005 and 2008, she was a presenter for the then city radio FM Brussels and for TV Brussels. She then became a researcher at the VUB and later a guest professor. For the last 10 years before she got into politics, she was a history teacher at GO! Atheneum Etterbeek. There she engaged as a union representative of the General Union of Public Services CGSP.

Education in the blood

In 2018, she was a candidate on the list. After Ans Persoons stopped her work as alderwoman to become State Secretary in the Brussels Region, Anaïs started as alderwoman in the City of Brussels on 4 September 2023, in charge of Urbanism, Public Space and Dutch-language Education and Affairs.

Behind the scenes, she was already education adviser at Vooruit. So Dutch-language education really suits her.

What makes you happy?

As a teacher, I loved seeing young people grow and flourish, regardless of their background. Today, I want to achieve that on a larger scale.

Your dearest possession?

The people around me are the most precious thing - my daughter, family, friends, colleagues and chance encounters.


Our people

Ans Persoons

State Secretary in the government of the Brussels-Capital Region

Dirk Lagast

President of the CPAS Council in Koekelberg