Bert Anciaux -

Bert Anciaux

I am a left-wing community person, optimist, indignant about injustice, fascinated by emancipation and identity. I like to fight for a Brussels where language laws are respected, for the rights of the Flemish community and for the cultural rights of each community.


Bert has an impressive track record. In 1983, he became district chairman of Volksunie Brussels, in 1987 municipal councillor, in 1991 provincial councillor. In 1990, Bert became alderman in the city of Brussels. Bert inherited a divided party when he successfully ran to become party chairman in early 1992. In 1995, he was elected senator and remained so until 1999. First, he worked on protection of adopted children and children's rights.


In 1999, Bert served as an MEP and secured a second European seat. However, he soon returned to his beloved Flanders, serving as minister of Culture, Youth, Housing, Urban Policy, Brussels Affairs and Development Cooperation in the Flemish Government.

Progressive policy

On 12 July 2003, Bert Anciaux became federal minister of Mobility and Social Economy. After the Flemish elections of 13 June 2004, he returned to Flanders, this time as Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, and, as Brusseler, he was also responsible for the Flemish Community's policy in its fascinating capital. After the 2007 federal elections, Bert obtained a seat in the Senate, but continued to pursue his progressive policy as Minister of Culture, Youth, Sport and Brussels.

Meaningful and critical

Anciaux has been a senator and group chairman since 2010. He works in the renewed Senate and is fully committed to making this parliamentary assembly a place of meaningful and critical political reflection and of necessary meetings between the federated states. Along with 75 other laws, he authored the law on the internment of persons.

What makes you happy?

I am happy with my family, with the residents of our residential care centre and with the artists of many cultural organisations. Caring for the future and daring to stand up for your beliefs, even when you are alone, that makes me happy.

Your dearest possession?

My grandchildren, my children and my wife are the most precious thing to me. They are not my possession, but they are my life.


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