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Els Rochette

Human rights for all, that's my motivation. The world comes together in Brussels and that is an enormous wealth. I find it unacceptable that people in our city have to live in the streets. Everyone deserves a safe place to live.


For 20 years, I worked with people who had been forced to flee their homes. I know how valuable it is to be able to be yourself, to be able to speak your mind where and when you want. It is important to have the right to stand up for yourself and for others without being persecuted for it. That is why I want to be the voice for equal rights for all: LGTBQI+, women, minorities, homeless people... I will continue to fight against racism and fascism. That is why I am working for a safe Brussels.


Els Rochette obtained her bachelor's degree in social work at the Catholic University of Brussels. She started her first job as street worker at Adzon, where she met vulnerable boys who had ended up in prostitution. It was an instant reality check. After that, she was a lecturer at the social school of Heverlee for three years. Later she joined Globe Aroma, an open art house for newcomers, asylum seekers and Brusselers, where she was artistic director for 15 years.

Right to housing for all

In the Brussels regional elections of May 2019, Els stood as independent candidate in second place on the one.brussels-sp.a list, led by Pascal Smet. She was elected to the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region. Last legislature, she mainly focused on police-citizen relations, drug policy, and homelessness policy.

Street work during corona

Els also volunteers at the local service centre Poutrel (LD³, Cosmos and Harmonie). During the first corona lock down, she also worked as a street worker at the homeless organisation Doucheflux. Recently she was also member of its board of directors.

What if living in Brussels were affordable for everyone?

Renting and buying is far too expensive in Brussels. Too many people sleep on the streets or cannot find decent housing. Even those professionals who make Brussels run, like teachers, nurses, catering workers, ... are being pushed out of the city. We think that everyone who wants to live in Brussels should be able to, in an affordable way. We want to tackle this together. 

Read our proposals here.

What makes you happy?

When my children and the people close to me are happy. I can also become genuinely happy from everyday encounters.

Your dearest possession?

The city where I live. I love Brussels so much in all its diversity.


Our people

Ans Persoons

State Secretary in the government of the Brussels-Capital Region

Dirk Lagast

President of the CPAS Council in Koekelberg