Lydia Dujardin - Desloover -

Lydia Dujardin – Desloover

A master plan where both education and civil society engage in introspection is highly necessary. AND we must allocate sufficient resources to introduce the necessary transformations and solve the teacher shortage.


Born in Ixelles, proud mum of four children and grandmother of two grandsons. In the 1980s, Lydia Dujardin-Desloover studied communication sciences at VUB and she now returned there to finalise her additional master in educational sciences.

Political career

Lydia got into politics in 2018. Before that, she was exclusively an entrepreneur in the creative industry. Now she wants to contribute to Brussels wonderful, enriching diversity, in all its glory. She also pleads for compulsory education from the age of three - completely free until the age of eighteen.

Free education

As alderwoman in Belgium's poorest and most diverse municipality, she is aware that we may be born equal, but not with the same opportunities. It is therefore crucial that education is completely free, a healthy meal included, and compulsory from the age of three.

Education is key and yet we do not only have a great teacher shortage, we also have education that is not sufficiently adapted to Brussels great diversity. This is unwise. Because the metropolis of Brussels, with its young population, could mean a lot to ageing Flanders, which is desperate for workers.

Lydia embraces the Ubuntu philosophy: you are human, thanks to others. “I am happy because we are. Let's stop the ode to the individual and find a better balance between the individual and the common good."

What makes you happy?

My happiest moments were the birth of my children and grandchildren. Each child's smile, each person's smile makes me happy.

Your dearest possession?

My family


Our people

Ans Persoons

State Secretary in the government of the Brussels-Capital Region

Dirk Lagast

President of the CPAS Council in Koekelberg